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PAULA SHARP is a photojournalist and writer. She is the author of the bestseller  Crows over a Wheatfield and four other novels, and she has traveled throughout the United States and Brazil, photographing and documenting life here and in the Amazon.  Her latest book, NATIVE BEES OF THE TEXAS RIO GRANDE VALLEY  is forthcoming from Texas A&M University Press in 2022.

ROSS EATMAN has been a nature photographer for twenty years. He is a co-founder of Sharp-Eatman Nature Photography, a society dedicated to documenting conservation issues.

Sharp & Eatman are currently documenting native bees of the Lower Rio Grande Valley, situated on the Texas-Mexican border.  Sharp & Eatman's latest work can be viewed at the new website,  Wild Bees of Texas at the National Butterfly Center.


An exhibit of Sharp & Eatman's photographs, titled Wild Bees, is currently on a national tour.  Wild Bees has appeared at Connecticut's Bruce Museum of Art and Science; the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden of California; the Irving Arts Center of Dallas; the Houston Museum of Natural Science; the International Museum of Art and Science; South Carolina's Brookgreen Gardens; the University of South Carolina's McKissick Museum;   the Louisiana Art & Science Museum of Baton Rouge; and the Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science & Art in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  From June 17-August 30, Wild Bees will be on exhibit at Pennsylvania's Maguire Art Museum, located in the Philadelphia area. 

For further information on exhibits, please visit our Exhibits Page.  If you would like to contact the photographers, please use our Contact Page.  


All Photos & text Copyright (C) 2014-2017 Paula Sharp & Ross Eatman.  For use of photos, see  Permissions.

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